Mike Bannister Agroforestry
Grenville Barnes Geomatics
Wallis H. Clark, Jr. Marine Invertebrate Reproduction/Dev Biology
Mary Duryea Reforestation and Urban Forestry
Katherine C. Ewel Wetland Ecology and Management
D. Mitch Flinchum Plant Taxomony/Wetland Ecology
Dudley A. Huber
Quantitative Genetics
Eric Jokela
Silviculture and Forest Nutrition
Bill Lindberg
Marine Behavioral Ecology
Alan J. Long
Forest Operations, Fire, Forestry Extension
P.K. Ramachandran Nair
Agroforestry and International Forestry
Hans Riekerk Forest Hydrology
Donald L. Rockwood
Robert Schmidt
Forest Pathology
William Seaman, Jr. Coastal Fishes, Habitats and Fisheries
Jerome V. Shireman Aquaculture and Fisheries
Wayne H. Smith
Director (1995-2003)
Tim White
Director (2003-2016)



Aaron J. Adams Aquatic Ecology
Robert Ahrens Quantitative Fisheries & Stock Assessment
Janaka Alavalapati Forest Economics
Marilyn D. Bachmann Aquatic Ecology
Roger W. Bachmann Limnology
Patrick Baker Invertebrate Zoology/Malacology
John D. Baldwin Fish Genetics
Ilze Berzins Fish Pathology
Seth W. Bigelow Forest Ecology
Jamie Bojko Disease Ecology
Fabio Prior Caltabellotta Fisheries Sciences and Management
David Coyle
Amanda W. J. Demopoulos Benthic Invertebrate Ecology
Joshua C. Dickinson, III Tropical Forestry
Francisco J. Escobedo Urban Forestry
Thomas Robert Fox Foreast Soils and Silviculture
Johanna Freeman Fire Ecology
Salvador Gezan Quantitative Genetics and Statistics
Katerie Gladdys Art & Technology
Kathleen H. Hartman Aquaculture Epidemiology
Craig W. Hedman Forest Ecology & Management
Leslie Hermansen
William Hubbard Extension Policy and Program Evaluation
Steven Jack Forest Ecology and Silviculture
Michael Jepson
Bashir Jama Soil Health
Shibu Jose Forest Ecology/Silviculture/Agroforestry
B. Mohan Kumar Agroforestry & Silviculture
John H. Lai
Kenneth M. Leber Marine Ecology & Fisheries Stock Enhancement
Alan J. Long
Eva Louise Loudermilk


James D. Austin Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ruth Francis-Floyd Fish Health Management/Aquaculture
Joseph Joyce
William E. Pine Fish Ecology and Fisheries Management


Jane Bachelor MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | LinkedIn
John “Jack” Breed, P.L.S President, CivilSurv Design Group, Inc.
Chelsey Crandall
Nicholas Funicelli Marine Protected Areas
Jess Hartshorn
Lou Nash President, Measutronics Corporation
Robin Petzold
Clark Seely Public Land Management, Organizational Management, Organizational Leadership, and Natural Resource Policy


Subhrajit K. Saha Agroforestry, Forest Ecology
(courtesy faculty, continued)
Joseph MacKenzie Forest Resource Management
Carrie Manfrino Coral Reef Ecology
A. E. “Bud” Mayfield Forest Entomology
Vanessa J. Mintzer Marine Mammal Ecology
Maria Rosa Mosquera-Losada Silvopastoral Agroforestry & Ecology
Reinhold G. Muschler Agrobiodiversity, Agroecology, and Agroforestry for Food Security in the Tropics
C. Dana Nelson Tree Physiology/Biotechnology
Leo G. Nico Fish Biology & Ecology
Oghenekome U. Onokpise Forest Biology
Ramesh Paudyal Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Outdoor recreation and Tourism
Denise Petty Fish Health
Kevin M. Robertson Fire Ecolocy
Claudia Romero Tropical Forest Ecology
John Scarpa Molluscan Aquaculture
Claire L. Schelske
Marianne C. Schmink
Jose Antonio Sierra Huelsz
Michael A. Stamper Aquatic Medicine
Dana Bigham Stephens Aquatic Animal Ecology
Juliane Struve Spatial Fisheries Science
Michael D. Tringali Population Genetics
Syam Viswanath Agroforestry and Conservation
Lucia H. O. Wadt Forest Ecology/Forest Genetics
Stephen Walsh Fisheries Biology
Carl Walters Stock Assessment and Adaptive Management
Jeffrey C. Wolf
Wayne C. Zipperer Urban Forestry


Joseph L. Aufmuth
Savanna Barry Coastal Ecology & Seagrass Ecosystems
David D. Chagaris Fisheries Ecology & Ecosystem Modeling
Angela Collins Marine Fisheries & Cooperative Research
Megan Ennes Museum Education
Andy Kane Aquatic Pathobiology
Andrew K. Koeser Landscape Management
Lisa Krimsky Water Resources
Charles Martin Estuarine Ecology
Maia P. McGuire Invasive Species and Marine Pollution
Richard D. Miles, Jr. Nutrition & Fish Feeding Management
Frank G. Nordlie Limnology and Fish Physiology
Holly K. Ober Forest Wildlife Management
Francis E. Putz Botany
Thomas B. Waltzek Emerging Aquatic Animal Pathogens Aquatic Animal Health