Patterson, Will

Professor, Marine Fisheries Ecology
Florida Sea Grant Affiliate Faculty

Areas of research in the Marine Fisheries Laboratory include population dynamics, trophic dynamics, and population structure of marine fishes. Will is interested in how populations are structured in space and time and in describing factors that affect population dynamics and demographics, as well as population connectivity. Many of the questions his team work on have direct implications for fisheries management. However, techniques they have developed or employed to examine these questions in exploited species also have been applied to non-exploited species to gain greater insight into the ecology of the systems in which they work.

  • Population dynamics
  • Habitat utilization
  • Population connectivity
  • Food web structure
  • Fisheries assessment
  • Fisheries management
    7922 NW 71st Street, PO Box 110600
    Gainesville, FL 32653
    (352) 273.3647


  • PhD, University of South Alabama, Department of Marine Sciences, 1999
  • MS, Old Dominion University, Biological Sciences, 1995
  • BA, University of Virginia, History, 1991
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