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Our online degree and certificate programs can offer you all the perks of a traditional education–the world-renowned expertise of faculty, the prestige of joining the Gator Nation, and quality of our classes–without requiring you to make a full-time change in your daily life. Busy professionals and parents can take classes at your own pace and watch lectures from the comfort of your own home, on your own time.



Which kind of program is right for you?

  • Find out: request information from us.
  • Degrees range from 30-32 credits, with optional concentrations. You must apply to graduate school, have an advisor, and pass a final exam.
  • Certificates range from 9-15 credits and can be combined with any UF degree or taken independently. Application is easy and the programs are coursework-only.


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Christina Carter, MFAS alum 2019



Christina is a Fisheries Biologist II in the US Virgin Islands who completed her master's online with us.


"I had previously been skeptical of online programs. I was wrong and was immensely pleased to have received such a thorough and dynamic education through the [FFGS] online program.”

"This program did for me what I needed it to do and much more...”

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful experience with UF. I couldn’t be happier that I completed the...certificate."




  • Master of Science in Forest Resources & Conservation
    • Ecological Restoration
    • Geomatics
    • Natural Resource Policy & Administration
  • Master of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences


We currently offer only graduate degrees online.



  • Aquaculture & Fish Health
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Forest Health & Resilience
  • Geomatics (undergraduate)
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Natural Resource Policy & Administration
  • Quantitative Fisheries Sciences
  • Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Systems (graduate and undergraduate)


As an online student in the FFGS, you will become part of the online students cohort, where you can participate in orientation, interact with your peers, reference critical academic information, and access tutorials and trainings on the UF e-Learning system and tools.

Our team is here specifically to assist you with your needs as an online student and to ensure that the courses we deliver are high-quality, engaging, and produce the learning outcomes we intend to help you achieve. Current students can reach out through the Academic Hub anytime you need us.

Did you know?

An online degree or certificate at UF is the same as any other!
UF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and thus all UF degree programs carry this accreditation and are held to very high peer-review and approval processes during the development of courses and programs. Plus, our online program are designed to be consistent with the on-campus versions of the same courses.


Our programs are offered at highly competitive tuition rates, even for out-of-state students.

Graduate courses in the online FFGS programs are $565-$620 per credit.

Undergraduate courses (Geomatics Certificate) are $295 per credit.

Actual cost per credit may vary by a few dollars depending on changes to University-wide fees which we cannot control. Tuition and fees are paid to the University Bursar’s office, typically at the end of the first week of classes for a given semester. Late payment of tuition and fees will be charged a penalty fee of $100, so be sure to plan ahead to avoid late fees! Registrations completed after the drop/add deadline are also charged $100 except in extenuating circumstances.

Tuition can be paid in a variety of ways, including check, money order, credit card, and more. Students in online degree-seeking programs are eligible for federal student aid.

Employees of the State of Florida may be eligible for the state employee tuition waiver program, provided your agency’s human resources department approves. Enrollment is not guaranteed, but you will be contacted promptly if there are any problems with your submission. Distance Learning Fees of up to $28/credit may apply to your tuition-waived course(s) and cannot be waived.

In order to be admitted into a degree program (MS or MFAS), you must secure a faculty advisor who can help you with course selection, provide direction for the technical paper/project, and administer the final exam. The best way to identify an advisor is to familiarize yourself with the faculty page and contact the individuals who seem to fit with your experience and interests via email with an attachment of your CV/resume and an explanation of your interest in them.

Make a case for your admission under their guidance, and provide some background so they have a sense of who you are. It’s a good idea to contact faculty members at the same time you are completing your graduate application.

View our Faculty > to find someone whose interests match your own.

It is fine to apply before you have an advisor identified, but please note that you cannot be admitted to a program unless a faculty member has accepted you.
Yes, if you earn a Graduate Certificate and are later admitted to a graduate program, up to 15 credits of coursework graded "B" or better are eligible to transfer into a degree with the approval of your advisor.

Note: students cannot earn a degree and a certificate with identical program names. That means if you earn a Graduate Certificate in Ecological Restoration, your graduate program cannot include the same concentration, however, the credits can still be transferred into an MS program without the concentration (or with a different one).
Yes! Employees of the State of Florida may be eligible for the state employee tuition waiver program as long as your agency’s human resources department approves. Enrollment is not guaranteed, but you will be contacted promptly if there are any problems with your submission. Distance Learning Fees of up to $28/credit may apply to your tuition-waived course(s) and cannot be waived.

Be sure to read about the program and process here:
Requirements will vary with each course, but in general, you need:
  • Computer: see the UF Computing Requirements for details
  • Internet: High-speed. DSL may not be sufficient for viewing videos and lectures. It is recommended that you take all exams/quizzes from non-wireless high-speed connections.
  • Browser: latest versions of multiple web browsers. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are preferred. Some delivery methods work better in different browsers. Canvas only supports the latest two versions of any given browser. What browser am I using?
  • Software: MS Office Suite, Antivirus, media player(s). How to get these as a student.
  • Other: use of a webcam and microphone is often required for assignments or chat sessions. On rare occasions you may need a camera for field photography.
Yes, you are welcome to attend on-campus courses or special sessions or events, but you will need to meet the immunization requirements before you can attend on-campus courses.

As of Spring 2021, there are additional COVID-19 screening and testing requirements for students registered in face-to-face courses. Learn more >
Courses offered by FFGS programs are listed here: You can also find the registration request forms for online students in the sidebar of the courses pages.

To find and enroll in courses offered by other programs, you will need to visit their program websites or search

Online students should not register directly in one.uf without special section or class numbers provided by program advisors. Incorrect registration may lead to higher tuition rates and other fees.
You can fill out the information request form at the top of the page for detailed information specific to the program(s) you are interested in.

You can also browse our degree programs and certificates.
If you are interested in taking a single course or two without joining a degree or certificate program, you can do so by registering as a non-degree seeking student. Follow the steps of that process here >

When you submit your non-degree application, be sure you have selected one of our Special Programs from the dropdown, even if you are only taking one class.
The requirements for Professional Surveyor licensure vary by state, so you will need to confirm within your state what is required.

Our Geomatics Certificate fulfills the education requirements (above and beyond a 4-year degree) for the licensure exam in Florida - see How to Become a Surveyor ( You can find links to the National Society of Professional Surveyors on that website as well, to help you determine what is expected in your state.
Courses in the online programs are offered on a semester basis according to the standard UF calendar, with mandated start and stop dates. In some courses, you may have more flexibility to work at your own pace, but typically assignments, tests, and other course work do have deadlines.

Courses tend to be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous participation expectations, but as they are designed for working professionals, this is usually flexible and instructors are willing to work with you. None of our programs require that your coursework be taken in a particular order and you can take semesters off if you need to.
When it comes to employment, it depends heavily on what you seek to do after you have completed your program. Career prospects and experiences differ depending on where and what kind of work you are doing and whether you are hoping to work for a consulting firm, government agency, surveying/mapping, or a non-profit conservation organization. Natural resources and environmental careers are a growing field, and graduates of our School have approximately 96% employment rate overall.

Our students are often working in natural resources fields while they undertake their education, but those who aren’t find they are able to enter at a higher level than candidates who do not hold a master’s degree (or Graduate Certificate). In addition, many of our students work in education or other professional fields and use the degree or certificate to specialize their expertise in one or more areas. If you have specific interests in mind, we recommend discussing your goals with a faculty member in that field.

Check out our Job Listings to see what employers are recruiting our students for >
UF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and thus all UF degree programs carry this accreditation and are held to very high peer-review and administrative approval processes during the development of courses and programs.

In terms of the process of designing an online program, much attention is paid to keeping the courses and overall program consistent with the on-campus versions of the same courses. In our case, we have taken our regular on-campus courses and converted the content to web-friendly delivery methods, keeping the integrity of the actual courses intact (or even improving them). Thus, an online degree from our programs is the equivalent to any other degree we offer, except in terms of field work or research. This is why we offer the online program in non-thesis format only.
We understand sometimes your situation might be complex. If you've already requested information on the program(s) you're interested in, reviewed our website, and you still have questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.
GRE scores will no longer be included in graduate applications to any of our programs, regardless of degree type, level, or format. Please do not include these scores, as they will not be used as part of the consideration when faculty are making admissions decisions.

We are pleased to offer several options for place-bound individuals seeking to broaden their education. Because we offer these programs online, busy professionals and students at remote locations will have a unique opportunity to meet academic goals without the difficult and expense of interrupting their careers and moving from their current locations. Students have the opportunity to interact with experienced faculty and to participate in a learning community with peers, even from afar.