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School of Forest, Fisheries, & Geomatics Sciences

School of Forest, Fisheries, & Geomatics Sciences

Huiping Yang

Associate Professor, Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture and Restoration

Huiping Yang joined the School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences (FFGS) faculty in July 2014 as an Assistant Professor on Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture and Restoration. She is housed at the Fisheries and Aquatic Science Program in Gainesville, Florida, and has access to the Marine Laboratory located at Cedar Key, Florida.

  • Extension Programs

    For the program development at FFGS, Huiping's goal is to conduct research on molluscan shellfish aquaculture production, technologies, applications, and restoration, and to coordinate with the extension team in producing educational resources and demonstrations directly applicable to industry needs. The working scope of this program includes: 1) Selective breeding programs for local aquaculture shellfish species; 2) Cryopreservation of germplasm for aquaculture species for hatchery use and breeding programs; 3) Aquaculture of new native species to diversify the aquaculture industry, and 4) Development of new aquaculture techniques for hatchery, nursery, and grow out to enhance the shellfish industry.

  • Research Interests

    Huiping’s research experience covers general aquaculture, germplasm preservation, and cytogenetics of molluscan shellfish. The molluscan shellfish species she has worked on include scallops, oysters, clams, and abalone. Her research projects include triploid-tetraploid production, aneuploid production, gynogenesis, ploidy determination, analysis of meiosis process, germplasm cryopreservation, and self-fertilization inbred line production. She has published 31 peer-reviewed journal papers to cover her research scope and expertise.


7922 NW 71st Street, PO Box 110600
Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 294-0671

  • Education

    • PhD, Aquaculture, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China, 1997
    • MS in Aquaculture, Dalian Fisheries University, Dalian, China, 1994
    • BS in Marine Aquaculture, Dalian Fisheries University, Dalian, China, 1987