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School of Forest, Fisheries, & Geomatics Sciences

School of Forest, Fisheries, & Geomatics Sciences

Barnes, Grenville

Professor Emeritus, Geomatics


Grenville Barnes joined the faculty of the University of Florida in 1993. Previously he was an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University. His specialties within Geomatics include Cadastral Systems, Land Tenure and Land Administration. Barney is now an Emeritus Professor of Geomatics in the School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences and was also an affiliate faculty member in the Center for African Studies, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE). He was also a core faculty member in the interdisciplinary Masters of Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) Program.

He has extensive research, teaching and consulting experience in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and in countries such as Albania and Moldova. His research addresses modernizing cadastral information systems and making them more efficient and effective. He also does research on the role of land tenure and property rights in poverty alleviation and in promoting sustainable development.

Most recently, Barney was an instructor (or co-instructor) for the following courses: Cadastral Principles, Foundations of UAS Mapping, Practicum in UAS Mapping, and Geospatial Applications of UAS