Current Research Projects


Collaborative Research: StreamPULSE - Continental Scales of Stream Metabolism (Co-PI) Collaborative Research led by Duke University. [5 year project, 2015 - 2019, funded by NSF-Marcosystems Biology]

Hillslope Scale Forest Fertilization (PI) Evaluating forest fertilization BMPs and hillslope hydrology and chemistry in Florida's flatwoods. [1.5 year project, 2015 - 2016, funded by FDEP]

Forest Management for Increased Water Yield (PI) Project evaluating water yield impacts of various forest management treatments. [4 year project, 2014 - 2017, funded by FDACS, SJRWMD, SRWMD, SWFWMD, NWFWMD, SFWMD]

Interactions of Plants, Nutrients and Sediments in Rainbow River (PI) Study of controls on autotroph shifts in Rainbow River. [3 year project, 2014 - 2016, funded by SWFWMD]

Springs Protection Initiative (Co-PI) Collaborative project on spring and aquifer changes, emaphsis on Silver River. [3 year project, 2014 - 2016, funded by SJRWMD]

Collaboriative Research: The Ecological Drill Hypothesis: Patterned Landscapes in Big Cypress National Preserve (PI) Exploring the controls on biogeomorphic pattern development in a karst landscape. [3 year project, 2014 - 2016, funded by NSF-Ecosystems]

Forest Fertilization (PI) Sensor-based project to evaluate responses of blackwater streams draining plantation forests to fertilization. [6 year project, 2013 - 2018, funded by NCASI]

Maintenance and Degradation of the Ridge-Slough Patterned Landscape (PI) Evaluating the hydrologic controls on patterned landscape genesis and degradation, as well as metrics for ecosystem change detection. [5 year project, 2011 - 2015, funded by USACoE]

Completed Research Projects

Aquifer Denitrification in the Lower Florida (PI) Evaluating the potential for denitrification in the plume from deep disposal of treated wastewater [1 year project, 2014, funded by Gainesville Regional Utilities]

Snail Controls on Algal Proliferation in the Ichetucknee River (PI) Trophic controls on ecosystem primary producer changes. [2 year project, 2011 - 2012, funded by Three Rivers Trust]

Springs Restoration Plans (PI) Design of Restoration Plans for 3 Springs [1 year project, 2010, funded by FDEP]

Models of Forest Water Yield (PI) Model investigation of water yield potential from altered management of coastal plain plantation forests. [1 year project, 2012, funded by Rayonier Corporation]

Nitrate processing in Springs Coast Rivers (Co-PI) Investigation on N cycling in coastal rivers. [2 year project, 2011 - 2013, funded by SWFWMD]

Monitoring and Restoration Plan - Greater Everglades (PI) Sampling to inform restoration performance. [1 year project, 2010, funded by SFWMD]

Collaborative Research: High Resolution Sensor Networks for Quantifying and Predicting Surface-Groundwater Mixing and Nutrient Delivery to the Santa Fe River, Florida (Co-PI) Exploration of sensor networks for river basin monitoring [3 year project, 2010 - 2012, funded by NSF-Hydrologic Sciences]

Determining the Age of Spring Vent Water (Co-PI) Exploring flow variation in measured mean water age [2 year project, 2011 - 2012, funded by Three Rivers Trust]

Spatial Nutrient Loading in the Newnans Lake Watershed (PI) Identifying sources of P to a hypereutrophic lake with low intensity land uses. [2 year project, 2008 - 2010, funded by SJRWMD]

Mechanisms of N loss in Springs and Rivers (PI) Explore the fate and effects of elevated N in Florida's Springs. [2 year project, 2008 - 2010, funded by SJRWMD]

Hydrologic Changes in Isolated Forested Wetlands in Response to Urbanization (PI) Hydrology of geographically isolated wetlands [2 year project, 2008 - 2010, funded by USEPA]

Controls on Delivery and Fate of Water, Nitrogen, and Calcium in a Spring-Fed Karst River (Co_PI) Carbonate weathering and elemental cycling in a large productive spring fed river. [3 year project, 2008 - 2011, funded by NSF]

Statistical Modeling of Chemotaxonomic and Water Quality Associations (PI) Effort to understand the role of water chemistry in regulating autotroph competition. [1 year project, 2008, funded by SFWMD]

Recovery and Regeneration of Forested Wetlands after Harvest: Evaluation of Best Management Practices in Florida (Co-PI) Cypress regeneration after wetland logging using new and traditional logging treatments. [3 year project, 2007 - 2010, funded by USEPA]

Springs Nutrient Summary and Synthesis (Co-PI) Synthesis of evidence regarding nutrient concentrations and impacts to spring ecosystems. [1 year project, 2007, funded by FDEP]

Isotope Tracing of Nitrate Sources in the Ichetucknee Springs Complex (PI) Using isotope tracers to track the pathways of N retention. [1 year project, 2007, funded by Three Rivers Trust]

Scales and Resolution of Soil Nutrient Mapping in the Greater Everglades (Co-PI) Spatial patterns of soil chemistry and impacts for ecosystem development and regional mappin. [2 year project, 2007-2009, funded by USACoE]

Evaluating Decomposition Dynamics, Community Composition and Ridge Senescence in the Ridge-Slough Mosaic of the Florida Everglades (PI) Effort to understand the origins of the ridge-slough patterned landscape. [4 year project, 2007-2010, funded by USACoE]

Design and Demonstration of a Distributed Sensor Array for Predicting Water Flow and Nitrate Flux in the Santa Fe Basin (Co-PI) Novel sensor applications for river metabolism and flux measurements. [3 year project, 2006-2008, funded by NSF-Hydrologic Sciences]

Spatial Nutrient Loading in the Newnans Lake Watershed (PI) Sources of nutrients to a shallow eutrophic lake, and modeling of lake behavior. [2 year project, 2006-2008, funded by SJRWMD]

Mapping Sediment Quality in Lake Okeechobee (PI) Mapping changes in lake sediment after hurricane impacts and in response to restoration actions. [2 year project, 2007, funded by SFWMD]

Rapid Assessment of Restoration Performance Measure at Multiple Scales in the Greater Everglades (PI) NIR Spectroscopy applied to Everglades peat soils. [2 year project, 2006-2007, funded by National Park Service]

NIR Spectroscopy for Routine Agronomic Soil Analysis (Co-PI) NIR spectroscopy testing in coordination with regional soil testing lab. [2 year project, 2005-2006, funded by FDACS]

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