Fishing For Success (FFS) is a multifaceted program of the University of Florida that uses fishing and other related activities as the “hook” to introduce children of all ages to various aspects of fisheries and aquatic sciences. The current program began in 1998 with an initial focus of providing mentoring and career counseling to a small group of underprivileged youth, and has constantly evolved to meet the needs of 4-H extension faculty, teachers, youth group leaders, and the community at large.

Today, through a combination of on-site and off-site tours, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and community fishing events, the program provides education, recreation, and rehabilitation therapy to a large, broad demographic slice of the population. Annually, FFS hosts approximately 8,000 youth on-site, with another 2,000 youth reached during off-site activities.

In an effort to support our program, we are collecting aluminum cans and used printer toner cartridges for recycling. If you could save and bring your cans and used cartridges, we would greatly appreciate them.

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  • Dr. Charles E. Cichra
    Professor and FFS Director

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  • Crystal Hartman
    Fisheries Biologist

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