Fishing for Success receives little funding from the University of Florida to run our Family Fishing Days, and on-site and off-site programs. Most funding is provided through volunteers and donations. There are several ways you can directly contribute to the enrichment of youth through helping our program:

Just one look around during a Family Fishing Day will reveal how dependent we are on our volunteers. Volunteers help with tasks such as setup, registration, rod and reel/cane pole check-out, and repairs. Many volunteers also provide our guests with help around the ponds by baiting hooks, releasing fish, untangling lines, running a casting challenge game, or just offering a little advice and instruction to novice anglers. Volunteers often consist of UF sorority, fraternity, and honor society members, as well as individual students (graduate and undergraduate from UF and Santa Fe College, as well as high school students from throughout the community).

This year, we continue hosting our free monthly Family Fishing Days that are open to the public. Not everyone can give up one Saturday every month, so our goal is to expand our volunteer list to lessen the load for everyone involved. Any amount of time donated will be a great help to the program and benefit our community. If you would like to help, please contact us by e-mail ( or ).

Students looking to gain experience with youth and outdoor education are strongly encouraged to assist with on-site and off-site programs. We are always in need of folks who can lend a hand with the school groups that visit us during the week. Most help is needed conducting a simple “fish talk” and helping children during the fishing activity. This volunteer service looks great on your resume or CV!

Running one of our Family Fishing Days requires such things as bait (cut-up hot dogs or beef liver), bait bags, trash bags, tackle (cane poles, rods and reels, line, bobbers, hooks, weights), drink cups, paper, pencils, etc. We also give away prizes (lures, small tackle boxes, toys, etc.) to participants in our casting challenge.

Long-term, our docks require replacement and treatment of the deck boards, and our aeration system needs maintenance and repair. We also have to replace tables, chairs, trash cans, coolers, rods and reels, cane poles, and a myriad of other items that wear out over time. These are used, not only for our Family Fishing Days, but also for our 100s of hands-on youth education programs, along with dip nets, dish pans, and bug boxes.

You can help by making a donation of goods or equipment, either through your business or as a private individual (generally as a tax deductible contribution). Donors will be acknowledged. For more information on needed items, contact Dr.Chuck Cichra (352-273-3621 or

Since its beginning in 1998, participation in our Fishing for Success program continues to flourish. With good participation by schools and other youth groups, and during our monthly Family Fishing Days, approximately 10,000 children will be reached annually by our program. With the help of community businesses and concerned individuals, we will be able to continue educating Florida’s youth and bringing families together for fun, memorable days of fishing and outdoor education. Future goals also include expanding the program statewide. Any amount (small or large) will be a great help to our program! All sponsors will be thankfully acknowledged.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to Fishing for Success, write a check to:
UF Foundation, Inc. – SHARE

And send to: Dr. Charles Cichra, Professor
University of Florida
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
7922 NW 71st Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
(Indicate on the bottom of the check that the donation is for Fishing For Success)


Donate by credit card to Fishing for Success: FFS Fund