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Thomas, Shelby

PhD Student, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Advisor: Josh Patterson

I am a Florida native from Daytona Beach, and happen to be a triple gator having finished my undergraduate (Marine Science & Microbiology), masters (Marine Ecology) , and now finishing PhD in (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences) here with the University of Florida.

My dissertation research seeks to further investigate assessing and optimizing various restoration techniques involving scallop, seagrass, and coral restoration. I am passionate about preserving our natural ecosystems and creating a foundation for their appreciation. I have worked with over 10 different restoration projects and continue to conduct research in this field. I am fortunate to have been appointed Director of Research for the Ocean Rescue Alliance, this nonprofit further builds on my love for conserving our marine environments, spreading awareness, and creating a foundation that intimately connects people with the ocean.

Through my research and outreach, I aim to assist in conserving, restoring, and better managing our ecosystems. I would like to make a lasting impact conserving our environments while also improving peoples lives around the world.

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