Scott, Jesse

PhD Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Advisor: Eben Broadbent

I am a remotely-based hybrid PhD student within the Forest Resources and Conservation – Ecological Restoration program advised by Dr. Eben Broadbent. Within the Spatial Ecology and Conservation Lab, my research interests involve geospatial analysis of wildlife predator-prey biology, forest composition, and eco-hydrology dynamics. I completed my M.S. within this same program and a research publication involving the use geospatial data-derived methods to identify lepidopteran critical habitats and disturbance-dependent ecological regimes, co-authored by Dr. Alison Adams and Dr. Broadbent. I received my Bachelor of Applied Science from St. Petersburg College in Sustainability Management.

I am employed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the St. Paul District’s Water Management Section as a Hydrologist and GeoSpatial Scientist. My position combines my professional background in environmental and hydrological sciences towards various water management, ecology and water quality research, river and reservoir regulation, and emergency operations for the entire Upper Mississippi Watershed Basin. When I am not studying, I spend my time sauntering through the wilderness and paddling the lakes and streams. I am also a career senior military officer with responsibilities involving overseeing the Coast Guard’s Sea Partners Program and environmental outreach for the ‘Heartland District’.

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