Xiaohui, Sherry

Qiao, Xiaohui (Sherry)

Post-Doc, Marine Geomatics

Marine Geomatics Lab

Dr. Sherry Qiao is a Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Vincent Lecours’ lab, where she works on the development of web-based geovisualization tools for UF/IFAS Extension and its stakeholders. The webGIS will serve as a tool for informed decision-making in relation to the 2023-2028 University of Florida Extension Roadmap, and will communicate the baseline socio-economic and demographic conditions within which UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension operates.

Sherry earned a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University, where her research mainly focused on hydroinformatics and webGIS development. She devoted her efforts to several research projects that emphasize on geospatial computing, web services/apps, and cyberinfrastructure development to support environmental research. Her primary research interest is to leverage interdisciplinary technologies (GIS, data science, informatics) to solve research questions in agriculture and environmental science.

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