Pendino, Patricia

Pendino, Patricia

MS Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Concentration: Natural Resource Policy & Administration

Advisor: Damian Adams

I’m a native Floridian and have been working for the Florida Park Service for about 10 years in the southern end of the state. My interest in the policy and administration program stems from my being waist deep in it at the park unit level, and hope to develop my skills and expand my knowledge to assist in promotion. I am a big believer that if I can not change the world, perhaps I can help bring positive change to my home state. When not at work or working on school, I enjoy SCUBA diving, photography, Disney, questioning my life choices around mile 8 of half marathons, and working on visiting all of the the Florida State parks (for fun, not work) and becoming a Junior Ranger in all the National Parks, Monuments, and Preserves that I can.

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