McTurnan, Chris

PhD Student, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Advisor: Ed Phlips

Previously, my graduate research with the Phlips Lab consisted of a life history analysis of the algal species Ulva lactuca on the island of Okinawa in Japan. Environmental, normally distributed variables such as solar flux and pH were compared using parametric tests. Typhoon data was also utilized which identified brief interruptions in size and frequency of algal blooms months after the storm actually occurred.

My current research working towards my PhD involve an in-depth study of the inflow and outflow of eutrophic waters within the Okeechobee waterway, more specifically the St. Lucie Canal. There has been limited scientific research on the algal, bacterial, chemical and physical composition of Lake Okeechobee waters after they leave the lake proper and enter the canal. It is suspected that during flushing regimes, the suspension and re-suspension of nutrient laden sediments within the water column prime the St. Lucie estuary for eutrophic events. This research would fill a gap in an otherwise very large, lengthy, and costly environmental problem within the State of Florida.

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