Liu, Wenhao

Liu, Wenhao

MS Student, Geomatics

Advisor: Vincent Lecours

I am a Master student and research assistant in Marine Geomatics Lab. During my undergraduate studies, I focused on remote sensing using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), particularly with applications in agriculture. I performed geospatial data collection for several projects related to crop monitoring, and worked in the State Laboratory of Intelligent Agriculture where I was the leader of the UAV team.

I have over ten years of experience building and flying drones. While studying exchange year at UF in the Geomatics program, I became interested in the diversity of the marine and coastal environment because of a term project in the UAS Mapping course for which I had to quantify and monitor the shoreline change of Seahorse Key. During my master’s degree, I will be working on improving bathymetric retrieval accuracy using optical data and coastal change monitoring.

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