Kaddoura, Youssef

PhD Student, Geomatics

Advisor: Ben Wilkinson

I am a PhD student and Research Scientist in the Geomatics Program at University of Florida and I am advised by Dr. Benjamin Wilkinson and Dr. Eben Broadbent. My doctoral research investigates establishing a reproducible methodology to georeference PhenoCam images towards advancing the precision to the second level taking it from Region of Interest (ROI) level to Pixel level. I take a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of photogrammetry, ecology, lidar, and conventional surveying techniques and theories.

I am involved in the ASPRS Student Advisory Council and recently became Deputy Communication Councilor. I hold a master’s degree in Computer Information Science and Engineering (CISE) from the University of Florida, that investigated cost effective indoor positioning systems for smart spaces. Previously, I worked at Geospatial Consultancy Company that is an ESRI partner in Dubai focusing on integrating innovative geospatial applications and empowering senior executives at the governmental entities with easy to use geospatial decision-making tools.

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