Irons, Andrea copy

Irons, Andrea “Andie”

PhD Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Advisor: Raelene Crandall

After working in fisheries monitoring over the last five years for the City of San Francisco, I am returning to my original passion in habitat conservation. I am researching the increasingly rare Pine Rocklands habitat of the Florida Everglades, focusing on the life-histories and niche requirements of three plant species of management concern. I am particularly interested in how fire and hydrology affect the population dynamics of the rare plant (Croton linearis), a host species for two endangered butterfly species.

I received my B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley, and my M.S. from SUNY-ESF (State University of New York, college of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Syracuse). My Master’s research explored riparian forest dynamics along the Sacramento River, CA, and my career has covered a range of biological fieldwork including rare plant surveys in northern California and sage-grouse habitat characterization in Nevada.

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