Hecht, David copy

Hecht, David

MS Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Concentration: Ecological Restoration

Advisor: Jason Vogel

I am a distance student in the MS in Ecological Restoration program. I live in the Bay Area/California.
My goal as a student is to build a more thorough understanding of ecological systems, and to leverage my research and writing experience for a conservation non-profit or related organization. Soil ecosystems and forest microbiome are a key interest, including both ecological and economic implications for policy surrounding climate and restoration. Also looking forward to building my knowledge of GIS.

I spent more than a decade in the investment management industry, researching and writing perspectives and conducting quantitative analysis. I had explored a career transition to the environmental sciences for several years, seeking the best path to complement my skill set. During this time, I volunteered in the field, attended conferences, and read extensively. Wes Jackson, Aldo Leopold, Wendell Berry and Rachel Carson are among the pioneers who have inspired me through their books and actions.

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