Gonzalez Perez

Gonzalez Perez, Ali

PhD Student, Geomatics

Advisor: Amr Abd-Elrahman

I am a PhD student in the Geomatics Department at UF with a BS and MS degrees in Mining. I hold a professional surveyor and mapper license in the State of Florida and a remote pilot license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (Professional Drone Pilot). I am passionate towards using drones in natural resource management applications. Currently my PhD research focuses on characterizing coastal habitat using drone LiDAR, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery. I am an immigrant from Cuba and what it is called a “country boy” in the United States, a “guajiro”, in Cuba. I live in a countryside neighborhood in Polk County, Florida my passion hobby is working in creating my own sustainable edible yard with semitropical edible plants, fruits, herbs and tubers.

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