Ernstsons, Simon

PhD Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Advisor: Jiri Hulcr

I am an applied ecologist who studies woodboring beetles, invasion ecology, and human dimensions of biosecurity. Prior to my academic career I worked as an arborist, arboricultural consultant, tree health officer, and as a forestry surveyor. My work took me to Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia as well as back home in the UK. I always wanted to learn more and started my academic career studying Forest Management in 2014. In 2017 I completed an MSc in Entomology at Harper Adams University (UK) before joining the University of Florida in August 2018.

Here at the University of Florida I study invasive and damaging forestry pests, predominantly wood-boring beetles such as Curculionidae (particularly the Scolytid and Platypodine ambrosia beetles), Buprestidae, and Cerambycidae. I am particularly interested in the beetles and forests of south east Asia. My projects focus on the potential for wood-boring beetles to become pests outside of their native environment, this includes American pests in Asia. In addition, I am interested in prevention of outbreaks, particularly focusing on how land managers and academics can share information for mutual benefit.

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