Donnarumma, Lena

MFAS Student, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Advisor: Don Behringer

I grew up and live in Middletown, NY, and have always been drawn to the sea. Encouraged by my friends and family to pursue marine biology as a career, I’ve been on an active journey to find my niche. I am very passionate about research, especially related to the health and well-being of aquatic animals. I have a special interest in invertebrates such as the horseshoe crab, and how the changing environment is affecting the animals as well as public health concerns that arise. This summer, I will complete the Graduate Certificate Program in Aquaculture and Fish Health and am now pursuing a Masters in the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences program. Right now I work at an environmental water testing laboratory in Newburgh, NY. I have no idea where the journey will lead me, but am excited to learn.

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