Chrisman, Preston

MFAS Student, Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Advisor: Chuck Cichra

I started the pursuit of my online MFAS degree this May and aim to graduate in spring 2022. My research project will likely be centered around an upcoming research project I am set to initiate here in South Carolina for the SC Department of Natural Resources. We have ~20 small public fishing lakes in the State Lakes program and these lakes are routinely becoming “bass crowded” with the ever-declining desire of anglers to harvest largemouth bass. My project will involve heavy largemouth bass removal via electrofishing to ascertain if this can make a positive impact on two of our bass crowded lakes. I plan to look for changes in both the largemouth bass population characteristics but also look for changes in the bluegill population characteristics. If successful, this could serve as a management blueprint for our and other agencies’ bass crowded public fishing lakes.

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