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Brossell, Eli

MS Student, Geomatics

Advisor: Henry Hochmair

My current job title is Civil Designer at a large multinational engineering firm. I live and work in South Florida. Currently I am doing roadway design and in the near term I would like to transition to using more of my previous career experience doing hydrologic and hydraulics simulation modeling, analysis and design. I am experienced in 3d modeling of proposed earthwork and, now, roadways. I am motivated to learn more about Geomatics and combine it with my professional experience in engineering.

In particular I have been very interested in using UAS to collect topographic data and aerial imagery. I actively participated in my wife’s company while we were living in Salvador, Brazil. The contracts were to document the progress of land development projects on a monthly basis with aerial photographs taken by UAS.

I’m hoping the Geomatics Master’s degree will help take my career in new and unexpected directions. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics such as water supply, water quality, environmental restoration and protection, crop/vegetation health, soil water content, topographic surveying, sea level rise, to name a few.

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