Schon, Mabel Baez

Baez Schon, Mabel

PhD Student, Forest Resources & Conservation

Advisor: Karen Kainer

I’m a Ph.D. student in Karen Kainer’s community forest management lab. I’m a McKnight Fellow and an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at Colgate University in 2015 where I double majored in Environmental Studies and Biology. As an undergraduate student at Colgate, and after graduation as a staff member, I worked in Professor Catherine Cardelús’s Ecosystem Ecology lab in research projects across Upstate New York, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. My research has led me to focus on Sacred Natural Sites as forms of biocultural conservation across Latin America and Africa informed by my work in community-based resource management in Acre Brazil. As part of UF’s Tropical Conservation and Development Program, I also work to further biodiversity conservation, sustainability, and human well-being by tailoring my research interests to local needs.

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