Balmant, Kelly

Research Assistant Professor, Forest Genomics, Physiology & Molecular Biology

Kelly Balmant joined FFGS in 2020 as a Research Assistant Professor in Forest Genomics, Physiology and Molecular Biology. She previously worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at the FFGS doing research on genomics and molecular biology of wood development.

Kelly's current research focuses on using genomics and molecular biology to better understand physiological processes in trees, such as wood development in response to abiotic stresses. She is also involved on the NitFix project, which aims to co-opt the mechanism of nitrogen fixation into bioenergy crops such as poplar.

Cancer & Genetics Research Complex
2033 Mowry Road – Room 308
Gainesville, FL 32610
(352) 273.8193

  • PhD, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology – University of Florida, 2016
  • MS, Genetics and Plant Breeding – Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil), 2011
  • BS, Biology, Minor in Genetics and Molecular Biology – Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil), 2008
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  • BALMANT, K; LAWRENCE, SR; DUONG, BV; ZHU, F; ZHU, N; NICKLAY, J; CHEN, S (2020) Redox proteomics of stomatal immunity reveals role of a lipid transfer protein in plant defense. Submitted to Plant Physiology.
  • YIN, Z; BALMANT, K; GENG, S; ZHU, N; ZHANG, T; DUFRESNE, C; DAI, S; CHEN, S (2017) Bicarbonate Induced Redox Proteome Changes in Arabidopsis Suspension Cells. Front. Plant Sci., 8, 58:73. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00058.
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  • PARKER J, BALMANT K, ZHU F, ZHU N, CHEN S (2015) cysTMTRAQ – An Integrative Method for Unbiased Thiol-based Redox Proteomics. Mol Cell Proteomics, 14(1):237-42.
  • Book Chapters
  • ZHU M, JEONG BW, GENG S, YU Y, BALMANT K, CHEN S, ASSMANN SM (2015) Preparation of
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  • Patents
  • KIRST, M., RESENDE JR., MFR., NEVES, LG., DERVINIS, C., BALMANT, KM. Method for Genome Complexity reduction and Polymorphism Detection, 2001.
  • RESENDE JR, MF; BALMANT, KM; LEACH, K; KIRST, M; DERVINIS, C. Genome editing by pollen-mediated transformation, 2018. Provisional Patent.